.obj import from 3DS Max looks horrible

Hi all, I just wanted to ask for some help on a problem I’ve been having for months. I have a friend who uses 3DS max, while I use blender. My friend does a lot of modelling, and I do a lot of animating. However, there’s a problem for some reason- when I import the .obj files into blender, it looks… bad.
Compare and contrast:
These renders were made in 3DS max.

This render is just a simple walk through render I made awhile ago.

It looks horrible! Do you guys know why this is happening? It’s driving me crazy.
(PS, I know the glass isn’t transparent, I forgot to do this. I think the animation is a year old. :p)


Materials, lighting and the renderers are different between the two applications so they will not look the same. You’ll have to update them if you import into blender using blender materials

Sorry, ignore this post.