.OBJ import issues in 2.47?

Has anyone else had problems importing Wavefront .OBJ files in Blender 2.47? The attached file imports fine in 2.45 but doesn’t work with 2.47.


Here’s what it shows in the console:

importing obj “/Users/bigkahuna/Desktop/Archive/Sphere.obj”
passing obj file “/Users/bigkahuna/Desktop/Archive/Sphere.obj”… 0.0022 sec
loading materials and images… 0.0003 sec
building geometry…
verts:0 faces:0 materials: 1 smoothgroups:0 … 0.0001 sec
finished importing: “/Users/bigkahuna/Desktop/Archive/Sphere.obj” in 0.0030 sec.

I’m using Mac OS X 10.4.11 BTW.

Edit: If I try importing using the “Wavefront .OBJ with lightmap” option, the model imports, but with an error message.

I got a reply through the bug tracker from the devs. This issue has been fixed and will appear in the next release of Blender. For anyone else who may stumble on this post, the temporary fix is to open the file and change line endings to “Unix” and resave. After that 2.47 opens the file without problems.