OBJ-Import: Keep existing Materials

I’m refering to this old closed thread:

I still get requests to modify the Script to work with the newest Blenderversion.

Here is the newest hack:

For the Blender Developper-Team it would an half an hour effort to implement that function for ever, I hope they hear me today :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Thank you 1000 times, I’ll try as soon as possible !

I’ve made some quick test and sadly it seen to not work. When I load my first .obj I didn’t tick the box “existing”, modify some materials and then I import a second .obj with the same name and materials names (I’ve tick the box “existing”). Blender add materials names with .001 and also erase my old materials for simple ones. Did I make something wrong? Could somebody try this addons please?

Thks by the way :slight_smile:


Someone reply to your dev page but I can’t understand it.
Is it some kind of correction? or just a “trick”?

I solved the problem in Another way. I bought this addon instead.
See this link: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/simple-material-replacement


Sorry I did not see your post.
I cannot reproduce the missbehaving you discribed - it works with my testfiles.

Are you sure that you have copied the Python Files into the correct Folder ?

Kind regards

Hi Alain,
Thank you so much for this modification. I have a question for you. I import fbx files often and have the same problem. I would like to modify the fbx-importer as you did with obj. Do you think it’d be difficult to do it? I don’t have any python programming experience but I’d like to try.

No, my knowledge in Python and my IQ is to low to solve this task within a usefull amount of time :slight_smile:
Maybe some of the community can help, or some of the Blender Pro’s (http://www.blendernetwork.org/) will do it for money.