OBJ Import MemoryError

Hey guys. Need some help here. I used 3DRipperDX to rip some models from some games, but when I tried to import the OBJ file into Blender (2.46), I got an error. Picture is attached.

So I gave up for a while, but then tried again with Blender 2.48. Got a different message, but with MemoryError again. That picture is attached, too.

So, I assume that memory error means it ran out of memory? I’ve got 3GB of RAM (and Vista, so make that effectively 2GB). I don’t have a memory limit set in the preferences or anything… Is there any way I can get past this?


Have you tried importing with wings3d? Perhaps the 3DRipperDX is making bad files.

Just tried it. When I try to open the file, the progress bar at the bottom will get close to the end, but before it can get there, it freezes. So, would that mean that I have a bad file, then?