OBJ import problems

I exported OBJ file from CVS build, then I import it back with Smoothing Groups option on. And I get my object with all normals flipped. Little bug (or feature, who knows :slight_smile: ) but just wanted to mention it.

can you provide an example blend with steps to reproduce?

There ya go:

Exporting screen:


Importing screen:



Ahh thatโ€ฆ thanks for remiding me, - the normals arnt the wrong way. just not calculated.
added a call to me.calcNormals() and it works as expected now.

I would just like the mention something at this point about importing .obj in the cvs -

Personally, I much prefer the current (officially released) .obj import - it seems to have many more options than the importer I have seen in current test builds. For example, everytime I import a makehuman model, I disable .mtl import and default rotation and I have no idea how to do it with what looks to be the upcoming exporter.

Any one else have any feelings on this?