Obj Import Render problem

I used a script (obj_io_modif228.py) to Import a demo obj from Pixelogics Z-brush site (http://www.pixolator.com/zbc-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=009275) I was able to import the object and I can view it correctly with the proper UV texture in the openGL windows of Blender.

When I try to render it , however, it is not visible in the scene. Just to try all the buttons I could find, I changed the texture to a halo and I was able to see correctly colored halos at the various vertex points.

Any Ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you,

If you enter face selection mode (Fkey), do you see any faces?



The face mode seems to work fine. I checked this because I wanted to see how the UV coors were layed out on the texture that Pixelogic provided.

I also tried pulling a couple vertices around to see if the object was really solid and it seemed like it was. Also, I can see it if I render a specific view window. But I guess that’s because Blender is just using the Open GL drivers that I already know are working.

Thanks for your response,

uhm… if the blend file isn’t too big, maybe you could upload it somewhere and we could have a look.


I can’t upload it but I could e-mail it to you (I think).


I’ve uploaded it if anyone wants to try his hands at getting it to render: http://www.clubinfo.bdeb.qc.ca/~theeth/Temp/PixZTest1.blend

I’ve tried everything I thought would work (in both 2.23 and 2.28a cvs version), but nothing worked :frowning:


Hi jwaggone and theeth

Tough one, but I got a render. You just have to erase the material that’s assigned in the Edit buttons. That’s all…


I had the same problem. I created a plane sphere in Wings with no materials and exported it as an .obj file. I then loaded it in Blender 2.23 using the python script mentioned. When it imported into Blender it looked as if the normals were flipped but it would not render. I added a material and it rendered then I deleted the material and everything was normal.

Thanks, That did it!


I could also fix it by creating a blank mesh and joining the obj mesh with this one.