"obj" of export model corupted, how to fix?

Hi everyone. As beginner I’m working on a little project, which involves modeling the guitar in Blender and animate it later in Poser Pro Game Dev. I’ve done the model somehow, I know it has flaws, but I hoped it is good enough to try importing the obj in Poser. However after importing I saw that guitar is damaged, especially at the back, where there should be some angle shape but is not. Please see the attached blend file and images of how it looks in Poser. Can you suggest what I did wrong in Blender, how can I easily correct it without modelling again from scratch. Much thanks for your help.


guitar11.blend (798 KB)

You have not supplied the textures with your blend file !

The face of the guitar is a single face. I assume poser does not handle ngons or the exporter doesn’t. The face would then have to be triangulated and you are relying some vague algorithm to do that for you.

Get rid of the ngon and use quads and tris

Thanks for help Richard. Yes I forgot the texture jpegs, sorry. Can I just use the knife tool to get the tris or quads from my faces? I don’t understand what do you mean by “…some vague algorithm…”. Does such a script exist, which would convert ngons to tris and quads? If all it takes is just some cuting of faces, I will sure do it. I just don’t want to throw away whole guitar and redesign it from scratch. Thanks again.

There are many ways to split an ngon into quads and tris. Some may be good, some may be bad. If you don’t do it yourself using your own common sense and intelligence you have passed on that job to a computer program. It cannot read your mind so does not know what you want so could use one of those really bad methods to convert your object. Obviously in the case above the computer has picked to use one of those crap methods.

You can just take the few seconds to split your object with knife (K) or connect (J) or use the Ctrl+F option to triangulate / make quads

Thanks, it works now.