OBJ & STL files import with wrong transformations. (Looks like the Model Exploded)

Hi all,

First post here. I have a client who needs renders of his company’s toolboxes/gun safes. These are step files from CAD with multiple parts. They are coming directly from the manufacture. So I open up the files in FreeCad and tried exporting as both OBJ & STL formats. Upon importing into blender the different parts of the model import in random positions and as one mesh.

I understand that I’d have to export each individual part as a separate file if I want separate meshes in Blender. But even when doing that they import in random positions. I’ve tried clearing Rotation, Scale, Transformations, and Parents. (Those were suggestions I’ve seen in other places on the internet.)

Just tried a car model from TurboSquid OBJ file and it worked perfectly with default settings. I think it has something to do with the export from FreeCad, there aren’t any options in there other than export…

Windows 10
Blender 2.79a

Below is what it Looks like in FreeCad