OBJ to Blend

(deks) #1

Do someone now any converter that converts OBJ-files to Blend?

(tordat) #2

Try this link


Hope that’s what you are looking for.

(f.schafer) #3

Hey that’s great. Especially Java and PovRay parts


(deks) #4

How to use the script?

(talgor) #5

After install python.
Start Blender go to the script editor Shift-F11
Click on the minus icon at the left of the text box.
Choose open. Looking for the screen and load it.
When finsih start the script by alt-p. (The mouse must be on the script window).

When finish back to the 3d view by shift-F5.

at any time you can go to the script by shift F11.


(RipSting) #6

If, for some reason you’re trying to export from Maya to Blender…

Under window->settings->plugins
load the Maya2Alias plugin
This adds DXF to export under the file menu

I’ve actually used this. for example: I created a table in blender and inported it into Maya through a DXF file. Then I created a table cloth in Maya and draped it over the table using Maya’s cloth simulation. I then exported the tablecloth as a mesh DXF and brought it into Blender. Perfect!

(deks) #7

Thanks for the help!!

(deks) #8

Ok now im lost… Forst of all. The script that converts obj to blends was in just in many strange words. and i save’d it in a TXT format. But how to do now?

(deks) #9

Ok now i nearly understand. I have open Phyton but what should i do now? Copy the text file to phyton or something? Please be specific!

(deks) #10

Please need help badly…

(talgor) #11

You just need to install python and configure the system variable PYTHONPATH to point to the directory where python is install.

After start blender go to the editor screen by pressing Shift and F11.

At the bottom of the upper windows there is several icons.
Push on the one that have a minus.
Select open new in the popup windows. There choose the script you wanna load. (If necessary change the directory as usual).

When the script is load locate the mouse pointer on the edit windows and start the script by pressing alt-p.

And follow instruction when the script runs.

If nothing happen go to the debug windows (the dos box starting before Blender) and see what that goes wrong.


(deks) #12

ok i loaded the obj to blend script and pressed alt-p. In the Blender DOS-window(or what it are) i found this error: PYTHON SCRIPT ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last): File ‘‘OBJ to Blend script.t’’, line 12, in ? ImportError: No module named os. what is the problem???

(theeth) #13

Did you instal the Python distro correctly?

Did you define your PythonPath for Blender corretly?


(deks) #14

Did you define your PythonPath for Blender corretly?

How do i do that??

(theeth) #15

Pull down the Info window (at the top where the menus are, click on the division and drag it)
In the Python button (at the left), type the path to the Lib directory, in your Pythin instal (example: c:/Python20/Lib/).
Save your settings (Ctrl-U)


(deks) #16

IT DIDN’T WORK!!! DAMM!!! The only thing that happens when i press alt-p is that it come up a new window where i can load files. I want the phyton to run!!! When i used the 3ds to blend converter i didn’t need phyton!! I just download the script load it and the there you go! DAM what angry i am!!! :x :x :x :x :x

(deks) #17

wait a minute… Shouldn’t the script be in a another file format? I saved it in a TXT-file… Mayby thats the problem??

(theeth) #18

the format only matter as far as Windows is concern. Blender doesn’t give a damn about the extension. It could be .happybirthday for all it cares.

Did you try selecting an OBG file with the file selector?


(rwv01) #19

Ok I just got the OBJIO-Modif script to work in my setup.

I’m running Win 98
Blender 2.23

I installed Python2.2.1 using all the default settings.

The default directory for the Python22 lib files was:


Try entering this path in the in Blender’s Python default directory box.
Make sure the typing is identical but use your Python version number.

Then load your script, hit alt-p and see what happens.

Good Luck.