.obj to .dts exporter?

Does anyone here know of a solid .obj to .dts exporter? It can’t be a plugin to Lightwave because I don’t have that.:confused:

Wrong forum. I suggest posting this in the python & plugins forum.

If you post things in the wrong forum, not as many people will be able to help you.

Sure…Except for the fact I’m not even looking for a plugin.

um… exporters are all plugins (this is how most exporters are made for the majority of 3d apps)… or python scripts (as in the case for blender)… so looking in the python & plugins forum would be a good place to look if you want to find an exporter for that format.

Just searched entire place. Nothing.

There isn’t an obj to dts exporter. Are you even using Blender? There is a dts exporter for Blender. You can try importing an obj file and then using the dts exporter.

Yes, I am using Blender although I’m using UVmapper for the textures so it needs to be in .obj format. So, I tried importing it into Blender because I know that there is an exporter for Blender to .dts. It didn’t work.

GLORY TO GOD!!! I just tried again and it worked! I messed around with the export/import options and it flippin worked! Thanks anyhoo.

Good to know it works. I think about getting Torque off and on. I’m pretty satisfied with the BGE though and I don’t like spending money on my programming hobby, plus I really like the python language.