.Obj with UV map

Hi, I don’t know if this has been asked before (Searched and got nothing so…)

I have got a model that comes with dds textures on another folder, when I open it in blender it has no textures, but seems to have UV maps.
I’m very uneducated in blender, I know a couple of things, so, how do I use those already made UV maps?
When I click each part of the model and go to textures it shows the name of it’s dds texture, but It appears black.
I opened the dds files with photoshop and they all have graphics, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

The issue you’re having isn’t with the uv map, or the textures, it’s how blender interprets materials from an obj file. It often has trouble recreating the original material assigned to it, so it creates its own. However, this often doesn’t work very well (as you have found out). I oftem opt to recreate a new material from scratch (using the textures provided), as I’m not sure if there’s a way to properly import the original material. Hope that answers your question! Best of luck

normally i convert the dds image to a png ( nvidia tex tools or gimp with the dds plugin ) then place the images in the same folder as the mesh

but you might need to flip vertically the new png image