Object 9078 short film

I done in my spare time
Short Animation Film. Object 9078.

Biological structure was found on the asteroid and robot descent there to explore.

In Blender was done compositing, video-edit. (models and animations done in other software).
This Film not for small childrens.


Good work! Iā€™d love to know the meaning of the human plant thing!!

Hi, Embassy_of_Time.
Symbiosis of alien life with human biology. He became the heart of the small planet for its life and development.

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I really like the style! absolutely loved the smoke! The whole thing felt like they were toys being played with. Might be your depth of field. Only critique would be some minor issues with the animating. And I really wanted there to be tire tracks when the robot started driving.

Ericthered, Thank you for feedback !

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