Object and Cursor location don't match

One of my objects is located at 0/0/0, but when the 3D cursor is snapped to the object the cursor ends up located at 0/-0.0567/0. How can this be possible?

This is very interesting :wink: Please post the file (that part only) :smiley:

I am using AlphaO r-24941 on dual monitors.

Intel Core2 Duo

I created LH-Fndation-Master first then made some modifications and duplicated it once and changed the name to LH-Fndation. Then I duplicated LH-Fndation 4 times. The last 4 duplicates are the problem. I probably did something wrong, but can’t find out what. Please let me know what you find.


ObjectCursorLocation.blend (103 KB)

Same problem here on 2.49b.
It’s something to do with your object being parented, as far as I can make out. When I clear the parent (Alt+P), the problem goes away.
Sorry I can’t help more; my knowledge is insufficient. Maybe someone else can.