object and light suddenly to appear


I will need to have in my animation an mesh object suddenly to appear from nowhere, also a light (it will be electric bulb)… is this possible to do simple or I need kind of workaround…

What falls on my mind is to have that bulb and light in a layer not included in render, and then include it somehow dynamically in the render, and turn it off when needs to dissapear, but is that possible ?
Or is there another way ?


You can key the layer that the objects are on, if you hit the “i” key and choose “layer” from the menu. This lets you do exactly what you want!

Two other ways to do it (eg. if you wanted them to fade in or fade out): animate the alpha value of the materials, or use a “time” node in a composite that has the background on one render layer and the objects on another, combined using an alpha over node. I don’t think that’s what you want to do, though, so I won’t explain them in more detail.

or you could have it grow into existance via scale.

too. many. options.

Great, thanks for help!

Honestly i havent applied this yet, but this will be crucial to my project in few days! :slight_smile: