Object appears "half pink"


I had to make changes to a texture and saved the PNG that I used over the last version.
Since then, when I open the document, the object appears pinkish.

But not the “real pink” that it looks when the texture is missing. It looks as if there was a pink gradient above it with 30% opacity. I can see the texture beneath it.

In Material Preview everything looks fine, this problem occurs only in render mode.
I tried to reload the file several times, also used the “External Data”, no missing files left.

The problem appears both in Even and Cycles.

Thanks for your help!

Is it possible that only a small percentage of the textures are missing? Try file -> external data -> report missing files.

That’s a good point, I guess you are right. Maybe it is even something missing in the environment.

I know there is a feature to report missing images (under File / External Data).
Is there something like an overview of all used images, as there is in pretty much every other software I know (like the project window in After Effects, for instance)?

My problem is that sometimes an image is missing, but I do not even remember where within the project I have used that certain image. How can I find that out? It can be a very exhausting process to flick trough every single material and node.Then there are background images and environment images, different objects and just so many chances where it could be missing.

Thank you!

You can see all images in your file with the data API display mode in the outliner.
Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 2.58.10 AM

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Thanks a lot, that’s already of great help!
I didnot know that there is a hidden file structure there.

So now I got a way to find all the images that I use within the project.
Iis it even possible to see WHERE I used them?

Like, in After Effects for instance, I can click the File an let it show “in project”.
When I click that, it will jump to the layer and object that uses the file.

In my case, I sometimes understand that a certain image is missing, but I don’t know anymore which object / background / environment uses the images and would like to find out quickly.
I hope that’s a clear question at all :slight_smile:

The info editor window in the scripting tab will list the file paths of each missing texture when you report missing files. But I’m not sure if there’s a list of each object a material is applied to.