Object as alpha

Hey Blender Community,
I am looking for a solution to use an object as an alpha value for another object.
I am working on a game and export the Tilesets automatically from blender. In the Game you will be able to equip different types of items, like backpacks or overalls. The plan is to model the character with all the different clothing and rendert them all separately. The problem is that i can not simply overlay the items because there are some parts that should be behind the head for example. So is there a way to use a model to hide parts of another?

Noone can help?

If you want a response I’d suggest posting useful information.

Is this for a game or render or something else. How are you combining these, in compositor, as textures? Do images have alpha channels, what formats
You’ve not attached or posted a link to your blend file so we can’t see what you are doing or have access to any models /images you are using.

We’re all sitting in the dark here waiting for you to light the candle by supplying good useful info. Maybe someone will help if you make it as easy as possible for them to do so.