Object Axis vs World Axis

I created set of struts for Fokker DVIII. Struts were made from cube and rotated to place. Problem doing that was once formed cube rotates, it “forget” its axis. The vertexes start to drag on World Axis. That made stretching struts to proper length difficult, once the object is at some angle in space. How can I keep original object axis?

What’s funny is that once all the struts were made, I mirrored the whole thing. But Blender fails to reflect it on World Axis. It is reflecting on some object axis I can’t see! What happened to world axis?


Blender uses the object’s own axis for mirroring. That can be handy sometimes, but very rarely.

You can reset the object’s axis back to the world axis by pressing Ctrl+A -> Scale and Rotation to ObData.

Thanks Ctrl+A works for mirroring. I suppose Ctrl+A works for vertex manipulation in off angle case; scale and rotate only though.