Object Baker

Had this in mind for months.

thanks, m.a.

wow, love your idea man! I’m surprised no one’s done this before.

Can you show how you did those materials? I’m doing a toonish animation but nothing I’ve created so far has looked right. Yours looks pretty perfect though.

Hi outbacksam34,
Toon edges on,
Machine = blend texture for red glow, 2x Musgrave set to Cell Noise, tweaked greys in colorband for patchwork.
mini landscape = green blend texture over standard brown material
tree = emit to cancel toon edges a little.
floor & wall = stucci
all subtle & size reduced.
About 20 textures mapped over solid color, some set to uv, but not uv mapped.
All procedural.
Around 30 colors.
Most objects made with python scripts.

Sweet MA! I like it.
I wish there was a way to distance attenuate the edges on the toon renderer. It seems to wipe out the details on far-away objects. Are the statistics on the wall drawn from anywhere in particular, or just made up?

stats are just made up, although I made it to represent the continual increase of Blenders popularity/new features.
made with tweaked Bar Graph O Matic script.
I too would like to see the toon edge settings improved with thickness values.
glad you like it:D