Object becomes invisable, when it begins to go off camera.

For my game i have an end boss, that to defeat you must shoot with a bow an iceicle from the ceiling. but when i try to shoot up, something about the camera angle causes the end boss to dissapear. Ive began to susspect that blender atomaticly turns rendering off for objects that are not on screen, to save ram, but it apears that it is doing this to early because my boss dissapears just before it goes off screen on the left or the right, and quite before it goes off screen up and down.

If the camera is pointed strait towards the object, its there, but if it is pointed off center it will dissapear.

Did you try adjusting your camera far clipping distance?

Ya i tried that its now set at 0:10000 and it still does it.

Sorry im having trouble with atatchments otherwise i would have posted a pic

try bumping up your close clip to 1. Sometimes this helps.

Still does it. Its realy wierd i parrented a cube to him and the cube will stay and he will not.

Its about when the objects orrigan goes off the camera screen

Looking at the phisics visualzation, i found out that to the phisics it belives that this caracter is vary small when it is rendering an image of vary big. This is because it is scaled dramaticly, in an shape action. This is for a kind of transformation into a oger thing. But as soon as the phisics senses that it is off the screen it cuts it out. What should be done?

i figured it out. I just extruded a virticy on the top of his head to go up way high. since this does not make a face it was not rendered, but it tricked the phisics in to allowing it to stay.