object being lock - no rotation

i made a copy of an object and cannot rotate it

which variables control this behavior

Note the view was locked so i unlocedk it but to no avail!

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press r to rotate. What did you press to copy the object?

when i used the R rotate i can see the dash line on the view but the object does not change position :eek:

very strange when i saved the file ounce i saw a list fo errors but did not have the time to read it the window disapeared too fast

may be the file was corrupted :confused:

i don’t have many items in this file i can always try to append them to another good new file :rolleyes:


press the N key and look at the panel that pops up… rotation, scale, and all those have little padlock buttons next to 'em that lock the settings. Otherwise, it sounds like your object is set to track another object or something similar - you might try clearing any parents with ALT P.

Already checked and no it is not lock on this N-transform panel:rolleyes:

Beside the rotation/scaling pivot box is another box : “move object centers only”. Perhaps you accidentally turned that on? I found that I couldn’t rotate objects in the object mode if it is turned on. They rotate normally in the edit mode, though.
Anybody knows what it’s suppose to do? (Except locking rotation?)

You best see the effects of “Move object centers only” if you’ve selected two or more objects. If you activate it and rotate the group, their centers will revolve around the pivot, but the individual objects themselves won’t rotate. Think benches on a standard Ferris wheel ride; they stay upright even as they revolve around the ride’s center.

Same if you scale - the distance between the objects will scale, but each individual object doesn’t get scaled.

You can also observe the effects with a single object if you pivot around the 3d cursor.

Aha! so that’s what it’s for! Pretty neat. Thanks for the tip! :smiley:

OK you got this one right:)

This is a feature that should be played only if required and always remember to reset it:rolleyes: