object "bouncing"

i am new to blender and am trying to do my first animation. However, for some reason the objects that i am trying to animate do not follow the ipo curves precisely and “bounce” back and forth after they have been moved. I have tried every menu option i can find and nothin seems to change this. I just want the objects to stay put after i move them. Can anyone please tell me how to change this?



You might try going into the IPO window and change the Interpolation Mode of the curve (in the header Curve >> Interpolation mode). On individual handles (in edit mode) you can use V, H, Shft-H and Alt-H to get better vectors on the in and out sides of any Point.


I know it is some kind of propery with the object because not all objects in the project do it and if i append that object into another project it still does it.

Send me the file ([email protected]) or upload it.


Click on your animated object and switch to an IPO-window.

An “IPO” is simply a curve: the horizontal axis is time, and the vertical axis is the value of a single variable, such as LocX. (Obviously, IPOs usually come in groups of three, like LocX, LocY, LocZ.)

When you set a keyframe in an animation, what you are actually doing is establishing a set of fixed-points on the IPOs. The curve will pass directly through these points. For all other frames ("'tweens"), the interpolation of the mathematical IPO curve will determine the variable’s value.

Now, there are three kinds of curve-types, including Beziers and Linear. The default, Bezier, curve will move smoothly between the points, and in so doing it will automatically give you the nice “lead-in lead-out” effects, but in certain cases it will seem to “bounce.” Linear interpolation connects the points with a straight line.

IPOs are the fundamental “fuel” of the animation system; there can be hundreds of them in a simple project.

I may be new to blender but I know what an IPO curve is. and obviously the mesh doesnt always have to follow the cure precisely because it is not in this project.
here is a link to the file in question

as you can see, there is almost a rubber band effect going on, and i dont mean with the ipo curve

The elastic effect is because you have Soft Bodies enabled on all the pieces!


Thank you!!