Object bounds not updated after ReplaceMesh ?

Hello !

I’m trying to replace an object’s mesh by a bigger one.

After using the EditObject/ReplaceMesh Actuator, I noticed the new mesh disappears near the edges of the camera. See Blend below.

What is the proper way to update bounds after having replaced the mesh ?
Do you need instead to kill the first object and create a new object, copying every property ?

Sorry if it’s been asked before.
It seems a common issue, but I searched for this problem in this Forum and couldn’t find the answer.

edge.blend (460 KB)

That’s likely because replaceMesh doesn’t reinstance the physics mesh unless you tell it to. Enable the PHYS button.

I tried it beforehand, it did not work. I tried different collision bounds too.
Physics, meshes and objects are different worlds I guess.

i think the replace mesh actuator, when using replace physics mesh, does only support triangle mesh as bounding type (physics settings).

Alright, tried with everything as Triangle Mesh. Didn’t solve anything.

Physics are updated OK according to the “Show Physics Vizualisation” Option in the Game Menu. (You see the right physic bounds and the object inside disappearing).
I guess my problem is related to Camera culling previous object bounds, but I have no idea how to solve this.

I would guess that it is a bug.

I would suppose if you just started with a larger default mesh (the size of the big sphere, for example), then it would be fine.

Alternatively, if you set the object to be visible every frame in a Python script, it won’t disappear.