Object carrier

Well, i’ve a problem:
ok.blend (574 KB)

in my game i want to pickup a object (a cube or a sphere or… doesn’t matter). the object have to “flee” by walls, the same like it is in real life. the problem is, i dont know how to pickup the object (not only parent it like it is now) and i don’t know what i have to do when ray cast collides IN the cube. I want the cube “flee” ON the cube and not IN the middle of it.

thanks for help.

srry for grammatical faults.

(the script advices are in german sry)

Here is a simple solution, hope it helps you!


ok.blend (602 KB)

Here you go :slight_smile:


WRectification.blend (695 KB)

Check out this Grab System by Goran,

Might be what you are after. It uses force to keep the object by the ‘hand’ so is shouldn’t go through walls etc.

Thx for helping i’ll try it and look… hope they are the right one.

ok i’ve test it and have to say: srry not my meaning. Fluppi393 that was a good idea but i’ve already thought about before you and blueprintrandom : what is that idont know… y should that help me?

and loyhogg i’ve alrady watched that. many thx for helping me but i hope for more answers

Check out the center part,

you can bend over and hit space,
you lift the block, and move it…

Hit Q to bend over, space to grab… it is part of my upcoming game…

btw turn off the subdivide on the Player, it free’s up ALOT of resources

The object in the center of the hands, and the block, have the code you need

(sorry about not editing the last post)

oops, the one I posted is not right,
the box needs to be 6dof linked to a empty, and the empty is parented, this way it’s physical, but it’s pinned to your hand, without making a new 6dof on the fly

but how should that help me? that has nothing to do with the script i want. srry but does anyone else know what to do?

and for remember: i want a object , not only a cube, i pick up with my camera and i can use it to build a house for example.


you can make any shape work for it…

you can ditch everything in the scene but the “center” of the hands and the block…

then you need a mouselook script, and you bind the “center” to the camera,

then you need to do work… and lots of it

can you help me and kake it for me that would be nice, becuase i’m not understanding what to do.