Object cast light.

Hello again :smiley: .Can an object cast light - would be great for fire effects and stuff!

An object can’t cast light - but lamps can. Put a lamp in an object to make it appear that it is casting light.

No I ment…ahh never mind,that wont work - thats the same.But thanks anyway R2Bl3nd :smiley: !

you mean like a shadow?? lol, i dident realy understand what your asking? :slight_smile:

Somethng like a reflection or something - like when the ground reflects the color of the fire(not the fire it self),or like in a rainy day the lamps on the road are reflected on the asphalt,but it probably wont work in the game engine.(Damn,i dont even understand what im saying anymore - need some timeout :-? !).

Yeah, it won’t do that yet.

Well you can fake it. Everything what’s not in the game engine yet can be faked. You can add a little alpha plane under the fire and make it synchronising animated (how ever you call it) with the fire. Like when the fire flame becomes big, the texture on the plane gets more reflective. When the flame gets lower, the birghtness of the texture gets lower too. This can also be done with animating. :slight_smile:

How can i do that synchronising thing JD-multi?

Well there’s no thing to do that then just do it by hand. Make the animation of the fake fire reflection act the same as the fire by using ipo’s

Oh,thanks JD-multi :smiley: !

You can do reflection by mirroring your objects on the other side of the reflective surface. Like if you have a building above a pond, you can make the surface of the pond an alpha texture, duplicate the building, and mirror it on the y direction.

Hey , that might be useful.Thanks Saluk :smiley: !