Object centers are everywhere BUT the center.

Hey again, all. I am working on the die tutorial from Blender.org and I have come against a problem.

When duplicating the dips for the die faces, I duplicate them right and they are individual, but their centers are all like ten units to the left.

I am not sure how they got that way, but I need them back at the center of the objects.

I searched through the wiki Noob-to-Pro, but can’t find where the answer is.

How do I reassign an object’s center?

Editing Panel of the buttons window (F9), then Center New in the Mesh tab.
Play with it a bit, as there is also Center and Center Cursor.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Oh thank you thank you thank you. I was afraid that button was going to erase all I had done on this one object.