object color not setting when material has a texture

i used this many times to change the color of objects:

#set the object color to red
own.color = [1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0]

but the objects i used it in never had textures, just plain materials, and it worked fine and everyone was happy, but now i have a material that has a texture and i run this, and nothing happens, and no error is shown, any idea how to make it work?


The texture is the color.

I guess you want to mix the object color with the texture colors. I suggest to have a look at the texture tab. There are a few switches you can play with ;). Additional you might want to play with some material setting too.

well i played with those settings before, but didnt get what i wanted, so following monsterĀ“s advice i did it again, and with overlay mode it worked, thanks!