object copy problems ?

not certain what happened and why

but the Shift D Key does not work anymore in blender

so where do I find the key set up for this object copy in the user preferences ?
but also find the other key for capslock ?

right now to copy ob I need to use the caps lock key instead like Caplock D instead of Shift D !

thanks for any feedback
happy bl

Look in the Object menu to see what the hotkey is set to. Also, you can drag down the top header bar to see what if anything blender is trying to do when you tap a key.

EDIT: Or, in user preferences, input tab… in the search area choose key binding and search “Shift D” or choose name and search “Duplicate Objects”

I rebooted on Win 64

I found the key binding
and seems ok now

and seems to work ok
not certain what happened with this key sequence
could be keyboard connection !

very strange

will close for now and hope it does not do that again
which is very annoying

thanks for feedback
happy bl