Object "dances" on surface...

Hi All,

I’m trying to set up a scene with a pill bottle on a plane. Eventually, I will have pills falling into the bottle, and the bottle will then be knocked over so the pills spill out.

I have set up the plane and bottle in this blend file: http://www.dylan.me.uk/blender/Dancing-bottle.blend . When I run the simulation, however, the bottle “dances” on and through the surface. What am I missing or doing wrong here?


I don’t know, but I figured I’d watch to see what kind of answer you get. I had something similar happen with particles on a test render I did. The particle objects would just keep bouncing instead of settling down despite what seemed like reasonable settings.

After playing around with it, I’ve sorted out what I consider a “work around”: Making the plane active, and setting it non-dynamic and animated, then giving it an intial keyframe to fix it in place prevents the problem …