Object Data a Hindrance?

Hi guys this is my first post I’m sorry it was a problem, I have trying to finish my vehicle but it occurs to me about this object data, when I import my mesh for baking in marmoset toolbag the name I have assign is okay but it also include the name in object data which is I don’t know why is that and this confuses if we use in substance painter coz it use only _low or _high. how can we get rid of this? its really confusing actually I don’t need this data.

and also how do we delete all of the textures that don’t need in 3ds max you just delete this and all is done in blender is like there for infinite and maybe this consume a space when saving file instead of optimizing it. the shift+x doesn’t work also. why blender implement this its like there cancer inside your file that you cannot get rid of if you add another texture you’re done no way to delete it entirely.

thank you so much.