"Object data"-tab does not show parameters (like vertices)

Hi When I create an object (e.g. a cylinder) in Blender 2.5.8, and swith to the object data tab, I can’t find the parameters of it. In the last screenshot of this Wiki entry, I can see they should appear here. What’s going wrong?

You mean you don’t see that as soon as you click on Add -> Cylinder ?

This tab disappear once you move or make any kind of transformation to your newly added object.
And it disappear if you go in Edit Mode too.

Thanks for the answer. But I know that the parameters are in the toolkit. I want to know how I can still configurize them after they are gone. Sometimes I want e.g. to scale the object before I set the vertices, but that’s not possible because the parameters are gone after I’ve resized an object.

Note that the wiki page you’ve linked to is in the Proposals section of the wiki. The specific feature you’re interested in has not been developed for Blender.