Object deformation in Render

Dear all!
I have a character with the armature. Some parts of it in render shows differently than in 3D view. I thought that it could be influence of Bone Heat, Weight Paint, Material or some Modirier. However after removing everything and applying Ctrl A I left with the mesh that still renders different than in 3D view. On the print screen on eye is invisible, where in 3D view it is in correct position, another one is a good notch away from the head (you can tell by the shaddow) thats made it visible. Any idea?


Please, any feedback!

Can you post a .blend?

Ouch! Is there anyway to upload ZIP’s? My original file is huge. I Appended it partly to the new file - it doesn’t look exactly like the original one but the strange thing is still going on. Thank you very much anyway.


002d.blend (605 KB)

Sorry, I meant to get back to this sooner, kinda forgot… You have some sort of transparency issue going on there… I selected the head mesh, went into the shading panel and disabled the ztransp setting and it rendered just fine. This is kinda a rendering issue, because if you render the thing and watch as it renders, the beard is there, then it’s replaced by the head mesh… Not really sure what you have going on there. You might want to consider combining all the meshes into one mesh…


Dear Randy
Thanks for your reply. After you mentioned materials I went back and went through all materials and I found the same thing you are talking - Z transparency. This project is complicated because I started it in university. Don’t ask me why, but I desided to do it in Blender. So I had no support (no one knew Blender) from tutors and all funny things that can happened - they did. Now I would like to clean it up and make a disent render. Anyway thanks a lot
With best wishes