Object disappearing when alligning camera to view

I saw a bunch of threads, they all talk about clipping
in this case, it does not seem related? playing around with values does not seem to do anything
futhermore, the issue persist, even if I go out of the camera view/mode
but I can make it back to visibile if I hit ctrl z

the object does not seem to be deleted, but hidden, although in the outliner, no changes are shown

There are two sections that set Clipping …one in the viewport N-Panel under View, and the other is in the Camera settings …either one could be affecting this…

Could not tell what you were doing in the capture… but looks like you have more than one camera in your scene…

Select the camera you want to use… adjust the View to show your object the way you want to see it…hit Ctrl + Alt + zero on the Numpad ( this will set your selected camera to the view)

To switch cameras…select Camera and hit Ctrl + Numpad zero