Object disappears when I back just a little away. Help

I followed the post, see below, to create a hole through an object. It worked out well but I must have hit some key that I am unaware of. Now, when I zoom out of my 3D space just a little, the object and the grid disappears. When I zoom in closer is reappears but I can’t back away like I normally can. If I hit the top view the object and the light are visible but not the camera and again the same problem if I back away. It’s not a memory issue. I have one object, a square with a hole in it, in 3D space. All I can think is that I hit some key that I would really like to avoid hitting again. Any ideas?

“Add a bezier circle. In edit mode select all then hit the Vkey, this will turn your circle into a square (aligns the handles). Still in edit mode add anothe bezier circle and scale it however you wish within the first bezier circle. Tab back into object mode. Alt+C to convert the curve to mesh. Now you can extrude the region to whatever thickness you want.”

Maybe you’re in perspective mode try hitting 5, or you could go to view properties and change the clipping value.

Thanks Excalaberr. Apparently it was a bit of both.