Object displaying in front of other objects + Mipmapping Issue


I have a grid which is acting as my floor in my game and it keeps displaying itself in front of all other objects no matter what I do, I’m not sure how to fix this problem.

Here is the blend: The Escapists_InDev1.blend (3.36 MB)

Also, I have figured out how to keep my mipmaps turned off when in the standalone player, however to do this it seems that I cannot use any materials on my objects. This seems fine for right now as I’m just using very simple 8x8 or 16x16 pixel textures, but I don’t want it to cause issues in the future. Any tips on how to use materials and keep mipmaps turned off in the standalone player would be appreciated!

use a plugin to make your own .dds textures (you,set the mipmapz yourself)

and the poping through sounds like z buffer/alpha clips stuff, try changing it to alpha to sort or blend.

I converted one of my textures to .dds and it shows on top of the object like its supposed to, but now mipmaps are enabled on it even though it was turned off when I saved the image. I didn’t realise that my issues were connected :/. I found a .dds plugin, but it seems that blender already loads them just doesn’t save them.

Everything seems to work fine in GLSL mode. Do you have to use multitexture? I’ve always considered it kind of broken (though I used to use single texture exclusively).

I tried it in one of my own projects which uses disabled mipmaps and multitexture removed all textures as soon as the game started. Everything is just plain gray. Works fine in GLSL though.

The game looks great by the way. If you really can’t use GLSL, I’d recommend an old version of blender which still contains single texture (2.68 maybe, I can’t remember).

Thank you guys so much! I had been having trouble with animating sprites (I thought I couldn’t use GLSL for some reason), so I forgot to even use that. I just found a simple script to disable the mipmaps for me, and I used .dds files like BPR suggested. This has been giving me headaches for ages, everything is ok now!