Object dissapears when start player


Szenario: A chair in room which ground moves at the 80th frame.
Ground is static with colision bounds, the chair too!

Why the chair dissapears when I start the player?

here’s the blend for download:


375,000 faces for such a small area in the GE, not a good idea! I can’t even run it on my old laptop. :no:

thanks! very good point Ross! I’ll try to reduce the face count… I only have to get the motion of the chair/record it… I might take everything else out what is not the chair and the ground…

Look in the top of the blender window and click on Game>Show physics visualization.

That should show you what is happening better…

If the chair is disappearing usually means you have a dynamic object inside of another objects collision.

In lots of older games they would add objects a little bit above the floor to make sure there is no collision on the game startup.