Object does not Bevel

Hi there

I wanted to bevel the currently selected Object for making a little rounder Edges but it does not seem to bevel at all.
The Object left of it did bevel.
At Both Objects “Clamp Overlay” is activated.
It might be, that I already applied a Bevel Modifyer at the Object that does not bevel, I am not 100% sure.
Would this prevent the option to apply another Bevel Modifyer?
Would it be possible to take back or alter the previous applied Bevel Modifyer (if there is any)?

Thanks in advance.

yes if you bevel an object that has already been beveled it will only bevel smooth angles so you may not see anything, plus you say that Clamp Overlay is activated, so the bevel may quickly be stopped by overlapping edges

Cool. Thanks. At least I know then what the problem is.