Object does not receive shadow when intersecting with smoke domain in cycles

Hey guys. I need your help please.

I am trying to render a scene with a smoke sim and a ground plane. The ground plane is on layer 1 and the smoke sim is on layer 2. I have created 2 render layers. One for the ground plane called “ground” and one for the smoke simulation called “smoke”. Both are being lit by a sun lamp.

I would like to render the ground plane without the smoke, but with the shadows of the smoke being cast onto it and the smoke separately with transparency for later compositing. So I activated only layer 1 on render layer “ground”.

This works fine as long as the ground plane does not intersect with the smoke domain. (see image below)

When I move the ground plane up until it intersects with the domain, I get this result.

The shadow of the smoke is being cut out by the domain.
(The small square inside the domain is the shadow of the emitter cube. )

If someone has an idea how to fix this, please let me know.


Update: reported this in the bug tracker