Object Duplications

After following a tutorial, I learned that it’s possible to duplicate an parent object using:

Object Tab > Duplication Tab

It seems to work nicely when I use vertex duplication, the proportion seems to be faithful to the initial cube, but when I’m trying the face duplication the cube doesn’t preserve its proportion and is flattened.

See my example:

Is there something to fix this? Or something I’m misunderstanding?

Thank you in advance for your valuable help!

Just normalize the scale values to 1:1:1 for x:y:z on your objects by using “ctrl-a --> Scale” before using dupli-faces.

If you are using different scale values for the parent object, the dupli-faces will inherit the scale values of the parent plane. As vertices are nondimensional by definition the dupli-verts will use the scale of the cube instead.