Object edges get clipped/jagged in viewport

Hey, I usually don’t ask for help but I cannot find any solution for my problem.
The corners of my objects in the viewport get clipped/jagged/messed up with the default viewport settings. It seams like blender is flipping the normals on the edges. It gets more worse by zooming out. The problem has nothing to do with the anti aliasing. I tested every setting there in the preferences.
Really appreciate your help.

In the screenshots you can see how the objects get displayed in the viewport.

Have you updated your graphics driver? Thats a common issue when they are old. Do you use AMD or NVIDIA?

Have you tested different blender versions?

Thanks for your answer.

I updated my driver to latest Nvidia studio version (RTX 3090), but it did not help.
The problem occurs only in the version 2.93 or above…

This seems like a float precision issue. Check your N region (panel on the right) > View > Clip values.

I can recreate the issue by setting the Start value to 0.00001.

Is it happening with the default startup file?

Might be something related to the new card or maybe the clipping fix above will help.

When it’s still there with the default file after you loaded the default settings I would report it as a bug.

Thanks a lot for checking this out.
My start clipping point was to low. With 0.001m it works fine, but everything below it results in jagged edges.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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Glad it helped. You could do me a favor if you look at my Portolio and leave some feedback. Thats would be awesome =) You dont need to though.