Object exists on multiple layers!

Have a look at this bizarre video where a simple plane is keyed to move between layers 4 and 10 yet it jumps around in a crazy fit of madness onto several different layers at the same time (note the green lines to the left of the IPO window)… even though I’m not telling it to?!?

I have no idea how this happened or how to correct it. I’m thinking it’s an error! :spin:

You can have an object on multiple layers, maybe you keyed it while it was in 2 layers?
To check, look in Object Context>Object Subcontext>Draw Panel (F7). That group of layer buttons shows which layer an object is on.

Thanks that’s helpful. I didn’t know that! I couldn’t figure out what was wrong so I deleted the ipo for layers and re-did it. I would have thought that even if I accidently keyed it to more than one layer that I would see this in the ipo window?!?

I just tried keying to more than one layer using the draw panel but it didn’t work?!?

I have just randomly lost a bone in this file as well. It’s not hidden it’s just disappeared!?!