object fade in and fade out?

hi it’s posible to make object fadding out or in? not only set visible or invisible…

In YoFrankie, they used nodes to fade out leaves and branches when they got too close to the camera.

edit : Here it is :
I hope this will help !

Awesome. Does using texture nodes have any speed differences compared to using ordinary materials in the BGE?

Nodes don’t replace materials, they are used as well as the materials. So of course it’s a bit slower than using only ordinary materials, but how much ? I don’t know.

In Properties>Materials>Transparency we can check Transparency > Z-Buffer and set an alpha value. Can the alpha value be changed in a Python controller?

this will be cool… but how to do that… som python call in bge…

Dont know much about that but, once i tried to change the alpha value of a textured plane with ipo’s (these days called as f-curves) and it was sucessful.:wink: