Object fall and move in 'ball pit'


I want to generate an object falling into a ‘ball pit’ (see pic.) and letting it move (swim) around making the balls turn and shift place. So my question is if its possible to make a fluid based out of different objects (rgb-balls). And could a ‘swimming’ object made out of particles following a path, like in this magic-wand-particle-effect tutorial, generate the physical push to move the balls aside?

If someone could point out a good tutorial for animating this type of dynamic interactions, that would be great.




Maybe you gotta move the balls one at a time.

Similar concept to this thread to record the physics. Keyframe an objects animation going through the balls in the game engine and it should interact with the balls. Once the ball movements have been saved you can render out the animation as normal.

Thanks Richard, that’s an interesting lead, I never considered BGE for dynamics.

btw I’m curious with what result ‘koblesky’ came up for that ‘marbles in glass’ setting.