Object flips upside down in render, right side up in shaded view, very weird

I am having a very strange problem, and I don’t know what’s causing it, or how to fix it. It’s never happened before.

I am working on a scene with a landscape and some statues. In the solid view and shaded view, everything looks fine. When I switch to rendered view, the land object flips up into the sky, although, the object outline shows it where it should be. Very odd and frustrating.

Any idea what’s going on here?

I think it is probably a displacement modifier (or node) that is moving your ground.

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But, I’m not using a displacement modifier.
It’s got a Subdivision surface modifier on it, but that’s it. I’ll try removing that.

It was working fine until something happened and it started doing this. I added some materials to the ground surface. I’m guessing that the textures are huge and taking up all my memory. Blender has slowed down to a crawl. I can hardly do anything. I’m going to try to reduce the resolution of these textures to see if that helps. They have all the textures, normal, reflectivity, roughness, and I’m not sure I’m seeing any benefit from it. It still looks flat to me.

if the texture has a displacement node it will distort geometry in cycles together with the subdivision surface. It is not the subdivision surface on its own that distorts like this. Check the nodes of the textures to see if they have something plugged into the displacement input of the material output node (the final node.)
This will only happen in cycles that is probably why the view-port view looks ok
Here is an example of what the displacement input does, in cycles it distorts actual geometry.

This looks like what is happening to you.
In this example I only have a square plane!

This also happens in Eevee. But I’ll check for displacement. I didn’t add any on purpose. I did use Poliigon Material converter and some materials from them.

I’ll try working on my own materials.


You were right about this. The material that I added had a displacement node, and it must have been set extremely high. I lowered it, and that fixed it.