Object Follow multiple paths

I’ve set up an animation where I have my camera following a nurbs curve. I’ve decided that I want the curve to extend a little further but if I extend the curve then it will throw all of my key frames off. Is there any way that I can just create another curve and have my camera follow that curve after its fineshed following the original curve?

a short example?
(size 40kByte)

the “trick” is to set the offset(frame-no.) for the path-constraint, where it has to start
and to insert ipo-entries(keys) for the influence, at which frame it has to go down to 0
and to be full. It may be usefull to have a few frames at both path-points,
the end-point of first path, and start-point of second path and do not a jump of the
path-influences from full to zero and zero to full in one frame, better in a few frames.


cam_follow2curves.blend (40.1 KB)

Thanks, that helped!