Object follow the path

Hi All,

I would like to duplicate my object around a path. Usually I didn’t have problem with that but now my object gets rotated when it is following a path. Please see below configuration that I have. I already have applied location/rotation of my object. Maybe you have any other suggestions?

Object setup:

Path setup:

After I created and set up both I selected object and then path, ctrl + p -> follow path just for explanation.



And did you apply the rotation on the path/curve ?
I manage to reproduce your bug if the path/curve is rotated…
Applying the rotation on the curve adds some rotation to the object
Then just have to set it’s rotation to zero and all is well aligned

++ tricotou

PS : If you can’t manage to solve it, maybe a pasted .blend would help


I solved the problem by recreating the path. As you mentioned applying rotation to the path makes objects to rotate.

Is it possible to set path rotation to it’s original state after applying the rotation ? I assume you can’t just ctrl + z and path was not created with 0,0,0 rotation.