Object following path not on the same axis

I have an object which follows a Bezier curve, I’ve made enough segments so it can follow the curve. on the top samples, I’ve set the axis to X and the object follows the curve on the same Axis and same location axis, but the object doesn’t seem as the Bezier shape spiral curve, its incomplete and just goes off direction and intersects with parts of the object.

On the bottom I set the axis on -X the object follows the curve perfectly making the spiral shape, but its not on the same level axis. If I try move it up or down, the whole object deforms. I’ve tried applying all transforms, but that didn’t help. So what am I doing wrong so I can fix this?

It is my understanding that for predictable results with Curve modifier you need to have your object in the same place as the curve (same location, rotation and scale).
For example, you can snap the object to curve: select object, then select the curve, go to Object > Snap > Selection to Active

Hello, thanks for the tip, it worked well. I don’t know why previously It wouldn’t align properly. I tried to apply all transformations, cursor to selected, object to selection etc etc. But now it worked great, thanks again.