object following vertex of another object

I’d like to have my character teeth to follow movement of his lower lips, wich is controled by RVK’s.

Is it possible to make an object follow the movement of vertices belonging to another mesh?


It’s called vertex parenting. Select your “children” object, select the “parent” mesh, enter edit mode, select vertices, CTRL P.

I guess you could also apply a hook to the verticies in question and parent the teeth to the hook? (Um… oh hang on - the RVK won’t move the hook!) You’d have to animate using IPO on the hook instead of the verticies. (Which would move the teeth!)

Blenders new hook feature. instead of an empty select the set of teeth first then select the face mesh. Hit tab to go into edit mode and select the Verts u want to move. then press CTRL H and select ADD TO SELECTED OBJECT. that should do it. Repeat it for the bottom too.

That would make the lip (jaw) follow the teeth. Wouldn’t work when the lip moves by a RVK.

To make the teeth follow the lip (jaw), either join the meshes and add the teeth to the RVK, which yould mean redoing your RVK’s…

OR the better way of vertex parenting the teeth to the lip verteices, which was already mentioned by malefico.

why are u using RVK with blenders new hooks?!!

Because RVKs offer more control and motion options… maybe…

Hooks are the end of RVK you know…


I don’t think hooks feature replaces rvk. It’s a workflow issue. When I want my charcter to smile, I don’t want to keyframe multiple hooks, but just one slider in the action editor. Same for the lipsync. But I’m sure that hooks could be a very useful modeling tool when it comes to create shapes. Maybe it coud be great to use them in addition to rvk’s for some special needs. (But I don’t know if that is possible yet).

(Don’t flame me if this is post is ignorant, but…)

I’ve used hooks to pin parts of a NURBs surface to a spine armature to deform it with the spine as it was, to me, a quicker, simpler solution than fiddling with weight painted armatures. The only problem is that the hook constraints don’t visually show until you render the scene. (ie twist armature -> deform spine -> NURB doesn’t move on screen -> But NURB is properly deformed in rendered image … This bug is already been submitted to the developer’s)

I’ve used Vertex parenting to pin specific objects to rigs and RVK’d models when I DONT want the pinned object to deform. Your teeth would be better inserted using this technique.


(The hooked rig I mentioned is the Evil cat-thing I entered in last weekend’s challenge #126. It is fully mechanically rigged with IK along the spine,tail and four legs, with just RVK’s to add to the head to finish. The coloured side is the NURB patch that has each vertical column of control points joined to individual spine vertabra. This is so I can use the spine IK without too much fear of the patch ‘going weird’. I might post the rig as is without doing the facial RVK’s if anyone’s interested… pm me if you are)


i know my question is a bit different than the post, but when you guys use the hooks in a mesh parented to an armature, are the deformations odd? Because with me it always happens.