Object from svg file doesn't work well on fluid simulation

Hi, I’m new here and I really need your help with somenting
I got an svg file with a letter I want to model into 3D on blender and also use it as a flow object in a fluid simulation, I already import it and conver it into a mesh as usual, but when I want to use it in the simulation it just doesn’t work unless I check the “it’s a planar buttom” in the flow source menú.
(idk why cuz it’s not a planar, it’s a mesh)

The thing is, when I do that the fluid starts to emite really futher from the object mesh even tho I let the surface emission value is 0.

And if a use the object as a collition it still let a gap between the fluid and the object (yes the thickness value is 0 too).

Can somebody plese help me with that issue, I’ve been looking for aswers all day and nothing seems to fixing this problem.
Pd: I’ve applied the scale and all transformations already, this thing is driving me crazy beacuse I did this before with other svg file and it work perfectly, so i want to know what it’s happening.