Object highlight behind objects

hi all;

I’m trying to get used to Blender 2.8* and on the whole I’m enjoying it and getting it set back up so that it feels a lot more like 2.79 (some of the redesign choices urk me a little but that’s irrelevant). What I’m asking about here is the object outline / wire on objects.

In 2.79, if an object falls behind another one, the outliner hides. In 2.8, the outliner is still there albeit in a lighter orange color by default. I think it’s a fantastic feature, but for some of my more intense modelling I think it gets in the way. Is there a switch somewhere that turns this behavior off? There are times I only want it to outline what I can see.

Visual representation of what I am saying:
Blender 2.8:


Blender 2.7:

In 2.79, outliner has display modes and a search by name filter.
And that’s all. No more options to specify what to display in outliner.

In 2.81, you have same display modes + filters.
By default, active display mode is a new one relative to View Layer (icon is a pile of images, a pile of layers).
But you can change it to “Scenes”, equivalent to default “All Scenes” mode in 2.79.
Display modes from 2.79, that are no more present in 2.81, became Filters ( funnel icon ) or states of filters.
For example, you can use View Layer display mode with “objects” filter restricted to its “visible” state and disable “collections” filter.
You can ignore Empties, Lights, Cameras, etc…


I think I’ve confused the message. I don’t mean the outliner in the top-right, I meant the outline of objects in the 3D viewport. I don’t know if there’s a more correct name for it (I’d guess, looking at the preferences that ‘wire’ would be a good term?) I’ll encircle what I meant.

Your original post has typos: you typed “outliner” when you meant “outline”, but an alternate word solely to avoid confusion might be “highlight”, or “object highlight”.

Remedied the original post.

OK. The new behavior of outline was discussed during alpha phase of 2.8.
Same kind of discussion happened for everything related to new viewport (infinite grid, active face color, edge thicker in edge select mode,…).

But, at that time, the goal was to make the viewport looks more appealing without supporting lots of user preferences.
So, there is no option to obtain 2.79 look just for the outline.

You are right. Closer solution is to enable display of wireframe in Solid mode.