Object ID or Material ID using Volume Scatter

If I have volume scatter in the scene both the object ID and material ID passes are not clean but affected by the volume scatter

with the volume scatter off, ID passes look fine

is there a way to get clean ID passes while using volume scatter?

Just bumping, any idea?

Or at least if someone can confirm this is the way it works and there are no workarounds.

Now, if people would stop posting on that useless MacPro thread and go back to Blender’s related topics… :grin:

This is correct. Even if you could get a mask, there’s not way it would be useful because you couldn’t separate the volumetric from what’s behind/inside them.
Cryptomatte may be able to get a functional mask, and should almost always be used instead of ID Masks, but you’ll still want to employ render layers for proper isolation.

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Thank you, @init_pixel!

Cryptomatte is the way to go, that worked.